Why should you purchase a Fruit & Veggie Box Subscription???

1. It helps support our Farm. You essentially pre- purchase a share of our harvest before the season begins. This helps us get all of our inputs (seeds, fertilizers, supplies) purchased up front before the season starts. In return, we give our Fruit & Veggie Box Subscribers a bit more of the share of the harvest than what they pay. For example, a Large Box costs $27 per week, but the value of the produce in the box typically exceeds $27.

2. It's fast and convenient. We have your box of fruits and veggies ready for pick up on your designated date/time. It only takes a couple minutes to pick up your box and you then you are all set with fruits and veggies for the week. You don't have to spend time shopping and picking out the produce yourself!

3. You get to try new fruits and veggies. Most of the items we include in your box are fruits and veggies you would normally see in the store or farm market, but we also try to include a few items throughout the season that you may have never tried. These items may include produce such as kohlrabi, purple

peppers, heirloom tomatoes or honeylopes.

4. The fruits and veggies you receive are fresh and delicious! All of the produce that is included in your box is fresh picked from our farm or a local farm nearby. We include some items that we purchase from nearby farms to make sure you receive a well rounded box full of a variety of fruits and veggies. You will not get fresher produce unless you grow it yourself!

JUNE 17th is the Last Day to sign up for the 2019 Season!!

You can sign up through June 17th.  The price is pro rated depending on how many weeks are left in the season.  Click on the Sign Up Now button below to see the prorated price for each option.  

K & J Farm offers a weekly fruit and veggie box subscription for 18 weeks. The first box pick up for the 2019 season will be the week of May 26th and the last box pick up will be the week of September 22nd.  You choose your box size and pick up day when ordering.  You will pay for all 18 weeks in advance and then will pick up your box weekly at K & J Farm Market



18 weeks of produce that will feed 1-2 people. This size is perfect for a single person or couple. The Medium Box is also perfect if you just want to give it a try!


18 weeks of produce that will feed 3 to 4+ people. This box is perfect for a family or the fruit and veggie lover! 


Your box will be ready to pick up at K & J Farm Market every Friday between 2pm -6pm


Your box will be ready to pick up at K & J Farm Market every Saturday between 9:30am - 4pm  


For Examples of what is in included in the Large and Medium Box or for more information, view our full information packet.  You can sign up online by clicking Sign Up Now OR you can print the Weekly Fruit & Veggie Box Information Packet and mail it to us! 

Weekly Fruit & Veggie Box Information Packet

Our produce is grown using methods that increase nutritional value through natural practices. We build soil nutrition and brix (sugar) levels to ensure high nutrition in our produce. We also use natural methods to deter insects and disease before we use conventional methods. Because we use methods that build soil nutrition and brix levels in our plants, our produce has exceptional flavor and lasts longer than conventionally grown produce. We do NOT grow any produce that is genetically modified. We do our best to provide our customers with the freshest, most flavorful produce we can. We plant a variety of different vegetables so you can try something new each week.

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