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Medium Box

Medium Box


The "Medium Box" is a perfect size for a small family.   You will receive 18 weeks of fresh and locally sourced fruits and vegetables, with approximately 5-9 different varieties included each week. You can even choose your preferred pick-up day. You have the option to choose between Thursdays 2pm-6pm, Fridays 2pm-6pm, or Saturdays 9:30am-4pm for pick up, and the day/time you choose will be your pick up day/time for the entire 18-week season. If you need to switch your pick up day, simply give us at least 24 hours notice. Please note that if boxes are not picked up by Saturdays at 5pm, they will be donated to a local charity. Pick ups begin May 30th -June 1st and continue weekly for 18 weeks. You will pick up your box at K & J Farm Market located at 4 Irishtown Rd, Hanover, PA. Enjoy a rotating variety of seasonal produce that reflects the changing harvests throughout the year. Treat your family to the freshest produce available, while supporting local growers and sustainability efforts with the Medium Box.



  • Weekly Fruit & Veggie Box Agreement

    I commit to a membership in the K & J Farm Fruit & Veggie Box Subscription for the 2024 season.  As a member, I commit myself to supporting the farm by making my payment.  I will commit to the pick-up of my weekly Box on the day I selected at the specified time I selected.   I understand that if I do not pick up my box on the specified day and time I choose,  I do not expect to have my box saved unless I have made prior arrangements with K and J Farm at least 24 hours in advance.  I understand that the day/time I choose to pick up my box will be the same each week unless other arrangements are made with K & J Farm.  The Box will vary in size and weight depending on the time of the season.  I understand that over the course of the season the box may contain a smaller volume or fruits & veggies in the beginning of the season but a larger volume as the season continues and becuase of this the  value of the box is calculated as an average for all of the fruits & veggies received in the box throughout the season.   I commit to accepting the variety of foods that appear in the Box over the course of the season. I understand that in return for my commitment to K & J Farm's Weekly Fruit & Veggie Box Subscription by paying for my subscription, K & J Farm will provide me with a Box of Homegrown & Locally Grown Fruits & Veggies weekly for 18 weeks.  

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